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09-Aug-2017 06:51

Feminist strippers interact with their profession in a positive manner and view it as a female centric form of power.

They receive this sense of power by asserting their autonomy and by making informed decisions in regard to the regulation of their bodies.

Stripping is a physically demanding job, and strippers later in life can experience physical pain and injury.

Strippers face the hardship of defending their work as legitimate work, and defending their justification of using their bodies for money.

After the surgery, she receives more attention, compliments, and money.

The type of work and the place of work can hamper or make impossible negotiation of workplace benefits such as sick leave, disability leave, or pension plans.

Occupational health issues remain a concern in a stripper's work.

However, unwanted touching, derogatory language, and sexist comments can all occur without protection from bouncers.

This possibly unsafe and often uncomfortable environment contributes to a state of constant awareness within strip clubs.

The autonomy used by feminist strippers is seen through their ability to choose who they perform for, when they will perform, and how long it will last.

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