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I think something that goes overlooked with this #Degrassi reunion is how well everyone turned out. Degrassi casts age appropriate, which means 'child' actors.

It's a testament to them as a franchise how nurturing they are with their kids. — James (@Scripts By James) June 14, 2018 Jesse was tripping off caffeine pills and Degrassi was like “nah we’re going with straight up coke big fella.” Degrassi by a mile.

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"After the video premiered, many cast members shared some behind-the-scenes stories on social media. When it became real and I further found out that it was a complete @degrassi cast reunion, it suddenly became very clear that this would be a weekend for the history books. "Mac Donald shared an image with Drake on Instagram, writing, "Thank you, thank you, thank you to THIS incredible guy for bringing us all together just like old times." In another caption, the actress said she had the "best time reuniting with some of my oldest and dearest friends."Farber shared an old photo from Canadian drama, writing, "I'm not a 'car person,' but I did enjoy driving a Maybach to my high school reunion.Now that his beef with Pusha T has seemingly died down, Drake is back to business. "JUNE 29, 2018," the Young Money rapper captioned on Instagram with a picture of the album's cover art.And he may have just made folks forget about the L he caught. It features a black-and-white head shot of Drizzy with his signature, the album's title and the year.If you watched the new Drake music video for his latest single "I’m Upset," you may have noticed some familiar faces.

That’s because it features cast members from the teen drama series Degrassi: The Next Generation.Shane has had a few minor acting roles over the years, and is currently the drummer for the Toronto-based band Dear Love. Adamo Angelo Ruggiero can now be seen on his Youtube channel, The Dot with Adamo, where he describes himself as "an ex-child addicted to T-Swift ballads," proving that even in real life, Marco is still the cast member you'd most want to be friends with.If you watched Degrassi back in its heyday, chances are you're probably still heartbroken over J. These days, Degrassi's resident bad boy is a self-proclaimed news junkie, serving as producer and news correspondent for the Fusion network.Check out his new Scorpion album cover, release date and his new "I'm Upset" video where a "Degrassi" reunion goes down... Drake is getting back to business with his new album that's rolling out soon, following his rap beef with G. The "Nice For What" rapper previously said he was making this album for his hometown and he actually recorded in Toronto.