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28-Mar-2017 15:59

The numbness protects you from dissolving, but it may feel a bit frightening, too -- why can't I cry?

Losing someone you've lived with may also bring intense feelings of loneliness and emptiness as you struggle with the hole left in your daily life.

My family has pushed me out and I am sort of dealing with this alone. I am trying my hardest to be positive and know my mom is in a better place (heaven) but i still have memories of when i took care of her and i have good and bad ones but this is extremely painful. I still don’t know what I’m going to do without her.

My step dad who said he was going to stay in our lives i found out has had a gf that's 26 and hes 60 (sry that's just weird) and in my opinion he should of never promised us even though i am a adult that he still considered us his kids hes now taking off with his girlfriend lol. I feel like it really hurts lately because i figured he would've at least waited a little longer since his wife passed in nov. Sometimes I feel like I just want to leave this world so that I can be reunited with her.

Patricia Hampl, The Florist's Daughter (Harcourt, 2007).It might feel like there's a glass wall between you and your feelings.You know you're sad, but you can't actually grieve.If you've spent the past months or years as a caregiver , it's natural to experience a sense of being cut adrift -- after giving so much of your time and devotion to your loved one, suddenly you are no longer needed.

When the protective curtain of denial slowly slips aside, intense feelings start to surface.For many people, this stage alternates in spurts with pain and guilt. You're going along just fine until something -- a TV episode, a story told by a friend, an ad in a magazine -- sets off an explosion of angry, even hostile feelings.Sometimes anger is a way to shield ourselves from feeling intense pain; other times it's the simple contrast between other peoples' concerns and the sheer magnitude of what we're going through that triggers an attack of bitterness or frustration.and at least found a woman in her 40s or so and now that i know hes been seeing her since December really is fast and now they live together. anyways i just am sad and i miss my mom and i miss my real dad and so does my brothers and sisters. Hi I didn't really know where else to turn I lost my Nan September 2017 I was her carer for 12 months till she was put on palliative care and passed away in her sleep it was a peaceful death which I am grateful for but I miss her so dam bad I have the worse crying spouts ever my husband an daughter don't know what to do with me or I get it'll be ok and it annoys me even more some days I'm numb or feel like I'm floating not really living I have alienated myself from everyone all I do is go to work or bed not interested in nothing anymore thing is 12months previously I lost my aunt who I loved and was close to she died the morning off my actual wedding day I threw myself into caring for my Nan I don't believe I ever grieved for her so it's like I have two people who I grieve for now it's like a tornado smacking me in the face at the moment I don't want to do counselling but would be nice to have some advise on where to go other than that I lost my older sister unexpectedly last April at the age of 49. There are still some mornings where I have to force myself to get out of bed.

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