Steam not validating game files no string attached dating

10-Jun-2017 01:09

I thought "Oh I'll verify the game cache integrity" it said it was missing 44 files, I did it again and it was successful.

NOW It's making me download the whole game all over again, I've nearly finished the 8gb it wants me to download on steam but I'm only waiting for it to tell me to download the 16gb worth of updates all over again.

Ideally you're right and SE should update Steam each time there's a patch, but from their point of view they probably don't see it as worthwhile as the game patches from the launcher and has no knowledge of Steam at all (Steam and non-Steam versions of the game are identical just the code used flags the account as Steam or not).You'll always have to do a clean install anyway. Not being able to check your 23 GB installation against a verified server copy is ridiculous.Changing the appmanifest settings to the above will tell Steam it does not need to redownload anything.Based on your explanation, I'd say it's more on SE for not updating their files with steam, rather than it being a steam thing.

steam not validating game files-44

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I've never come across this before in my decade of steam usage.It wouldn't matter if the game client had its own way of verifying the installation files.Verifying through steam (a reasonable step to take if you're not really engaged and just wanna play your game) just adds the 8GB (44 Files) download.Also, if you plan on backing up your game on steam, the game files are located at "\Steam\Steam Apps\common\FINAL FANTASY XIV - A Realm Reborn" (whatever drive steam is installed on).