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Critics seem to like season two more than the first season on HBO.How does that fit in with your personal upheaval, and what do you make of that? I learned how to do the one-man band — Katja was there too, of course.I made a lot of clumsy efforts in order to graciously deflect the attention onto both of us, instead of just me.And that made the expectation of getting noticed and positive attention not feel good to me.Emily Nussbaum, an early fan, observed that “a tinge of sourness—or self-loathing, or at least self-consciousness—had harshed the show’s trademark mellow” after it arrived at HBO. At the end of the day, when we asked for writing samples and episode pitches, we read the samples blind because we didn’t want to know who wrote what.Now, she writes, “The ease is back, thank God, and the series feels, even in slighter moments, newly confident, with an increased ability to reflect a larger world in flux.” Over oat-milk lattes, Sinclair and I discussed what it’s like writing a series with your ex, why he thinks the second season is better than the first, and whether toad venom is the new ayahuasca. So it wasn’t like you were looking to find writers from a particular demographic or with a specific background.

In the first season of the show’s HBO incarnation (the project began as a low-budget web series), it was revealed that the character played by Sinclair had been married to a woman who left him for a woman. In each episode, a pot dealer known only as the Guy (Sinclair) rides his bicycle throughout the city, dropping off deliveries at the homes of a pair of lesbian activists, a novelist with writer’s block, a group of swinging professionals, among many others. Part of what makes the show so interesting is its fascination with the myriad cultures that make up the intricate social fabric of New York City.Sinclair and Blichfeld wrote the episode while they were still together.

“It was subconscious, prescient,” Sinclair says, adding, “I think we both knew.” Critics have happily noted a lightness in tone in season two that had seemed to disappear after the web series moved over to HBO.

I think it’s interesting that in season two, the Guy is starting to have professional frustration that we hadn’t really seen him have before. Later in the season, someone from college bumps into him, and you see a little bit of embarrassment about that. I remember early drafts of season two, episode one, the Guy is having a vivid dream because he had stopped smoking pot, because he wanted to take a break. I know that for the past ten years, I’ve smoked too much. My mother used to be the cantor of our synagogue, and she was also a music teacher out of our home. The pieces that are written about her in and in the Cut describe a very uncomfortable person holding onto her own shame.