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This must have been what the assistant was talking about. I thought for sure he was going to reach my bladder because he went so deep. Both my cock and my anus were in full view, again, and ready for the massage.I sat nervously in my underwear and a small paper gown on the exam table as I waited for the doctor. I suspected that I would see him again during one of the more embarrassing parts of the exam but wondered why he wasn't in scrubs or something. Please go ahead and take your underwear off though. You can leave the gown on for now." I pulled my underwear off as he continued to look at my file and tossed it with the rest of the clothing.The gown was laid out for me when I arrived and I assumed that he wanted me to put it on. He was in his early twenties, Asian and quite muscular. This was one of those rare occasions that my cock was nice and soft."Ok, lets get started." He began by asking me follow-up questions to the hundreds of questions he has asked over the past year.I have masturbated to the memories more times than I have ever before.