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Then, of course, if everything goes well, is there going to be a date or are you going to be waiting by the phone that never rings, desperately trying to summon up your latent telepathy and trying to implant the idea of calling you back through thought projection?

Fortunately, it’s all pretty simple, as long as you keep your head.

—Brooklyn Bride This bride's blue petticoat—plus, matching accessories! —The Bride's Cafe Lovely lavender wedding details. —Aisle Say Are you doing anything wedding-y this weekend?

Our friends Madhu and Ben (you'll recognize them from this post!

Your date is about getting to know each other, not getting to know her AND checking up on your Facebook friends or the seen far too many people on dates lose track of their conversation with their dates because they put their i Phones on the table and keep glancing at them every time a new email or text chimes in.

It’s annoying and it’sdisrespectful to your date – you’re explicitly telling her that she is not nearly as interesting as the latest update to your fantasy football league or whatever @Party In My Pants69 had to say about your latest retweet.

This is one of the reasons I prefer to avoid the coffee date and the dinner-and-a-movie date: they’re cliche and boring and minimize any real chance for interaction.

Other distractions can also ruin the flow of your date.

Many bars – and some restaurants – have TVs; it can be hard to ignore these when they’re constantly flickering in the corner of your eye.

If you want to get that second date, you need to know how to ace the first date and what common pitfalls and mistakes you need to avoid. You want to focus on three things: fun, conversation and a hint of sexual tension.

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You want your date to go home thinking about what a great guy she just hung out with and how much fun it would be to see him again.Even so: a coffee date can be made more than just strangers asking questions while trying to pretend that the Starbucks they’re drinking doesn’t taste like burned ass. Some double as music venues – some in Austin even have improv and stand up comedy performances.Many others have board games, which can be a great ice breaker and allow for that competitive aspect that can get your juices flowing and the flirty trash-talking sparking. It’s only fair to name this recipe Date Night Mushroom Pasta in honor of how the recipe came into my life.

Jan 21, 2015. Date Night Mushroom Pasta with Goat Cheese - swimming in a white wine. AND because making and eating this just feels super romantic, maybe. or the incredible smells that take over the kitchen when you toss the handful. ZOMG GOAT CHEESE. This will be the 3rd recipe I try from your website.… continue reading »

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DateOTA updates. Grab any software updates to ensure the best experience. zomg it's differentUSB Type C. What's this USB. Charging speed. 31. 9,046.… continue reading »

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