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PCSO Honey and PCSO Camille made two early visits to this location to assess the situation but the youths were not causing an apparent issue.Previous hotspots such as Sorrel Drive and Victoria Gardens were visited twice throughout the evening but did not create any anti social behaviour issues for the duo on this evening.This proved to be a small group of youths relaxing not causing any issues on the anti social behaviour front.However a healthy Police presence is always beneficial and shows local residents that Sussex Police are always here to help even under times of strain in resources.Wir empfehlen allen unseren Nutzern, sich für die Flash-Version des Chats zu entscheiden.

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do please click on the 'Join ESF' button above, complete the form and send it on to us We value your membership, which will help us to speak more strongly on your behalf This weekend's phone number is: 07785372050 Please use the above number/s to contact the team direct to report anti-social behaviour between the hours of 6pm and midnight on Friday and Saturday.

This phone number/s should not be used to report any other crime or incident.

To report crime and incidents please contact us online, email us at [email protected] call 101. Alternatively you can contact the independent charity Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111, or online at on last weekend's Operation Blitz activity The Blitz patrols on Friday evening started with patrols around the Langney area.

Several youths were spoken to in the skate park who were enjoying the lovely weather.There were a few students in Mc Donald's that our PCSO’s sat and spoke to for a while who were from Germany and were enjoying their stay in Eastbourne.Next, patrols headed towards the St Bedes school area where the alarm for the school going off, we met with the manager and conducted an area search of the building which proved to be a false alarm, but he was very thankful for our help.Two more phone calls were received on the Blitz phone from the earlier resident.