Syrian men and dating

23-Aug-2017 15:58

A child is expected to have the same religious, political and social views as their family.Divergence from a parent’s belief or disobedience of their wishes is very dishonourable.Though gender roles are changing and women’s rights to education and equal pay are recognised in the law, women still do not have as much power as men.They carry greater expectations of social compliance and are sometimes seen as particularly vulnerable targets that need to be protected.Many women have found themselves in a position of self-dependence.The public dynamic of couples is affected by the strong social expectation that people from opposite genders should not show interest or affection towards one another if anyone else is present.They are expected to listen to their parent’s life experience, trust in it and follow their advice to avoid making their own mistakes.

Syrian children are raised to obey their parents and respect their elders.

The family is the most important aspect of life to Syrians.

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