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In his travels, he shucked clams, rode horseback, planted beans, and hopped on a lobster boat in his quest to sample the unique cuisine of each region.“Our goal is to reach all 50 states,” he says.

“I’m really excited, because it’s also educational, and a never-ending culinary journey.

I’ve been pitching food concepts and show ideas to different networks, and this was a home run because it literally touches on every state.

It touches on the culinary arts of every state, and not only that, but it’s kind of a cross between Mike Rowe’s is simple, he explains.

It’s good old southern comfort food, and if you’re recording music, musicians definitely like to be comfortable. Well we’ve stayed up in the northeast and the south, and we went over to Arizona.

We’ve got nine states, and we’re trying to touch on nine more with the second season.

I love meeting the people who really make up some of these wonderful culinary ideas that keep the tradition and patriotism of their own states. It’s such a unique way to learn about the specific foods that make up our country.”Hicks -- who returned to our television sets in April for the it’s always smart to stay close to television,” he says.

“Because that’s where people know you from.”So what is Hicks learning on his magical mystery food tour?

It’s just really smart to stay close to the medium in which you broke.It’s a really cool concept, because it’s truly a farm-to-table show, so to speak.It’s going to wherever this iconic state food is made and finding its origins, and more times than not it is the farm.So that’s what I’ve enjoyed, just traveling around and really seeing the country, and also talking with the people that make the products and the foods iconic. In the middle of all of this, you are recording new music! I’m trying to put together new music for release in the spring of next year.

New music for me has obviously been a slow burn, but with the new television show and some really great things happening with that, it’s definitely moved the process along a lot quicker.In each episode, Hicks will visit a specific state and fill up a plate with “emblematic state foods," including appetizers, entrees, sides and desserts.Hicks will visit Maine, Illinois, Arizona, Florida, Texas, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Georgia and Wisconsin.I just enjoy hosting this show because I think it’s truly a great concept.