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17-Feb-2017 23:20

Wherever you are in the on the roulette wheel of romance this Valentine's Day (I've been all of the above), love remains a mystery. Something you happen on by accident, or something an algorithm can find? To answer these questions, and many others, the folks at TED have assembled an incomparable collection of talks that illuminate this most mysterious phenomenon.I'm hoping you have someone special to watch them with on this very special holiday. Anthropologist Helen Fisher may be best known for demonstrating that love affects the brain in a similar way to cocaine.These particular discussions on loving and aging are truly eye-opening and may challenge the way you think about these topics today.Are you ready to discover some brilliant new ideas? How I Hacked Online Dating - Amy Webb For those seeking love online, Amy Webb's TED Talk cannot be ignored.The Power of Vulnerability - Brené Brown Brené Brown has spent her life studying the emotions of thousands of individuals around the world.She is a self-professed "researcher-storyteller," uncovering the patterns in human behavior that lead to contentedness and personal success.Even more disturbing, her functional MRIs of volunteers who'd been recently dumped reveals that even when someone's broken up with you, you go right on loving them just as much.Next, she's turning her attention to why we choose one person to love over another, a question posed to her by

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Since Bill is a musician, this is something I've felt many times myself while sitting in the audience watching Bill play.

Webb, like many women entering their 30's, was growing increasingly anxious about settling down and finding "Mr.

Right." Realizing the challenging odds of dating in-person, Webb turned to online dating to better her chances of finding her perfect match.

When it didn't go well, she decided that the dating site's algorithms weren't sophisticated enough and created some of her own, coming up with 72 criteria for her potential mate in weighted for their varying importance.

She also reverse-engineered the perfect profile for attracting the kind of man she wanted. Years ago, writer Mandy Len Catron heard about an experiment that showed asking someone 36 increasingly personal questions, and answering them yourself, followed by looking into that person's eyes for four minutes, can cause you and that person to fall in love--in fact two subjects of the experiment wound up married.

I do, and since I'm no big fan of greeting cards, this column is my valentine to him. It is--literally--an addictive drug, as she explains in this engaging talk.

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