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The last important management philosophy is benchmarking. This text tells how John Martin returned from Abrarca and found in his work place a pile of problems. Grand's secretary, Elizabeth, asked for help from mr. Later John Martin going to HG to discuss with him his trip to Abraca. Another central theme is the drive to reduce the time wasted in processes that do not add value, like carrying parts or moving from one machine to another. Baker agreed to give one of his new short-typist girls-Fenella. Martin was informed about delay he was very hectic and gave to Fenella a lot of different assignments which she couldn't be done quickly.

Parts are made only as they are needed and supplied to the next production stage literally [] () just in time. One of them is a Japanese philosophy kanban [] system by which the products are pulled through the system of market demand, rather than being driven by the supply of raw materials. There are many popular production techniques and philosophies. Who is responsible for the submission of a Memorandum of Association and other documents to the Registrar of companies when the company is set up and the publication of annual account.