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18-Feb-2017 23:59

"I love my job, it’s changed my life for the better," she says.But while Jade likes to present herself as empowered - "a self-fulfilled woman" is how she puts it - it also seems clear that Jade’s choice of career is more complex than she first lets on.There are many more companies, special for USA and UK operators, but i pick up the ones who hire international and i have experience with or work for right now.I will talk about my other extra income webcams in next blog.

"On some level I’m the last person you would think works in the adult industry – but often it’s the girls you never would have expected having sex for a living, like the quiet ones you used to see sat in the library with a book." Jade wasn’t quite that girl, although she describes herself as a "naïve" teenager.Jade allowed herself to be filmed for a BBC documentary called: "Jade, Why I Chose Porn" and at one point she tellingly confides that working in porn was a way of rebelling against her upbringing."My parents were so strict about everything I did that’s how I rebelled and ended up how I am," she says.the first time i didn't get any response and second time its took 2 weeks before they add my webcam.