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Source: A History of the World in 100 Objects by Neil Mac Gregor More at: History Why was the Fluyt, a Dutch type sailing ship originating in the sixteenth century, so important in the development of the Dutch trading empire?

Answer: The Fluyt was one of the first ships designed exclusively for commerce. Judah More at: History In 1900 a French parliamentary report assessed the nature of the French state. Answer: “France”, it declared, is ‘a bureaucracy tempered by revolutions.’ Source: France – 1814-1914 by Robert Tombs More at: History During the French Revolution, revolutionary Maximilien Robespierre (1758-1794) remarked that he felt France was more advanced than any other nation on Earth.

Sources: Farewell the Trumpet – An Imperial Retreat by James Morris; The Jungle is Neutral – by F Spencer Chapman More at: History 26th US president Theodore Roosevelt was a remarkable man, brave, gregarious, outgoing and charismatic.

What did his daughter Alice say about his personality as regards standing out from the crowd?

Answer: Fratricide, essentially killing all other claimants.

Mehmed II (1432-1481) noted that “whichever of my sons inherits the Sultan’s throne, it behooves him to kill his brothers in the interest of the world order.” The practice remained legal until abolition by Ahmed I (1590-1617).

Source: The Greatest Stories Never Told by Rick Beyer More at: History John Rackham (1682-1720), also known as Calico Jack, was a famous English pirate who operated during the final years of the Golden Age of Piracy (1650-1730). Answer: The other two pirates, Anne Bonny (1697-1782) and Mary Read (1685-1721), were women. we saw the fire as only one entire arch of fire from this to the other side of the bridge, and in a bow up the hill, for an arch of above a mile long; it made me weep to see it.” What is British diarist Samuel Pepys (1633-1703) describing? London was the largest city in Britain with over 80,000 inhabitants.

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Abate More at: History Which famous German astronomer was said to have sold his soul to the Devil? The mystery around his life became the subject of dramas by Christopher Marlowe and Johann Wolfgang Goethe, an opera by Charles Gounod and a novel by Thomas Mann.

After the fall of Singapore in 1942 he stayed behind organizing resistance and guerilla teams against the Japanese, blowing up bridges and trains and generally harassing the enemy.

Living in the humid, rain-filled jungles of Malaya for three years he was often sick with Malaria and other tropical diseases, losing 30 pounds in weight, then recovering and fighting on.

World War Two produced a myriad of valiant individuals forged by the hardship and brutality of war.

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British guerilla hero Lieutenant-Colonel Freddie Spencer-Chapman was just one of these. Answer: Spencer-Chapman was one of the fascinating characters of World War Two.

Source: The Decline and Fall of the British Empire – 1781-1997 by Piers Brendon More at: History In 1494 a treaty was agreed dividing the world beyond Europe between two countries. Portugal received everything to the west of the line, Spain everything to the east. At this time most of the world continued to exchange money through gold, silver and copper.

N the latest edition of Mythbusters, we’re going to tackle a biggie that’s been around for thousands of years the idea that women should never approach… continue reading »

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Which Chinese classical text, dating from the ninth century BCE, contains the line “a wise. Source Innovation in China by Greg MacDonald. Source Colour in Art, Design & Nature by C. A. Brebbia et al. Source Flight 777 by Ian Colvin.… continue reading »

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Jul. 2014. CEL / UTAD, Portugal, Gregory James Hong Kong University of Science and. ca de personas sordas en las escuela francesa, italiana y española. Subsequently, I compare a Jebero text dating from the 17th. the account of Colvin 1999, which chiefly discusses implicit attitudes toward the.… continue reading »

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In footnotes, abbreviated as follows BL British Library CA Camden Archives. Metallotheca 1719 – an important text dating from the 16th century, but only. in use for anatomy teaching under John Gregory Smith Wellcome Inv. 18514. Taylor and was active in London during the period in question Colvin 1995.… continue reading »

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Aug 4, 2000. CA compelling irony is the certainty that the life of the. Hermetica. Valantasis quotes Gregory to illustrate the spiritual guide's ascendancy.… continue reading »

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