The history of dating and communication

11-May-2017 09:42

All animal species have perfected a system of communication, but humans are the only species capable of spoken language.Effective communication is essential for a variety of reasons.Both methods could attract unwanted attention from enemy tribes and predatory animals. Early Handwritten Documents/Books Those with the proper education to do so were handwriting books and documents for well over 1,000 years before the invention of the printing press.The word “manuscript” is derived from the Latin term “libri manu scripti” which translates to “book written by hand”.An inventor born in Germany, Gutenberg had a vision of a device that would utilized movable type using blocks with pre-printed text.This method, combined with the use of paper, ink and a printing press allowed for books to be mass-produced, and greatly reduced the price.It wasn’t until three million years after man’s debut, around the year 30,000 B. E, that communication began to take on an intentional, manufactured format.The most well-known form of primitive communication is cave paintings. The method involved creating pigments made from the juice of fruits and berries, colored minerals, or animal blood.

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The methods, however, consisted of a disorganized set of signs that could have different meanings to each human using them.

Gutenberg made his first device by adapting a wine press to remove the water from paper after printing.

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