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Each have expectations of being a strong quarterback at the next level, but none are considered Ohio State targets.

Four others — Nix, Daniels, Howell and Duggan — were former Ohio State targets who no longer appear to be considering the Buckeyes.

The annual competition is an invite-only event sponsored by Nike, and the Elite 11 this year saw two dozen high school quarterbacks arrive in sunny Redondo Beach, Calif., just outside of Los Angeles.

The quarterbacks competed under the tutelage of several former high-level professional and collegiate quarterbacks.

He argues that the judge shouldn't have given him 15 years consecutive, but it's hard to see a problem with that after reading in the opinion the heartbreaking statement given at sentencing by one of the victims.

It's also hard to see a problem with giving fifteen years to a guy who raped two women on separate occasions.

Other quarterbacks who competed in the event, but did not make the top dozen performers include 4-star quarterbacks Grant Gunnell and Dwan Mathis (Michigan State commit).

Continue reading "What's Up in the 8th" » , by Russ Bensing I read the 8th District's decisions in criminal cases every week. Williams won't get a third chance to rape someone under the age of 13: he was sentenced to life without parole. Jackson may get another chance to rape someone; he's given "only" fifteen years for raping two women, on separate occasions.The idea behind sex offender registration is that if you know that there's a convicted pedophile in your neighborhood, you'll be more protective of your children. Knowing that your next door neighbor has a penchant for torturing animals would surely be helpful in deciding whether to let Rags and Muffin play outside, and you'd certainly move your portfolio to another brokerage if you knew that yours employed someone who'd previously swindled clients. What if I learn that the guy two doors down is on the list? There's legislation pending to abolish it, primarily because it costs money and there's not a shred of data to indicate that it serves any purpose.Whether that does any good is another story; since 90% of child sex crimes are committed by someone known to the child, you're much better advised to protect your kids from your boyfriend or from Uncle Mark. Hypothetically, I suppose that it does fit in with the model of ensuring an informed community; as a retired police chief who's lobbying against repeal testified, "If you're raising children in the neighborhood, it's good to know there is someone down the street convicted of selling or manufacturing, so maybe they won't send the kids to get candy there on Halloween." Of course, there's a flip side to that, as a law professor pointed out: "Imagine I move to a new city and I don't know where to find drugs. " I think that reflects on the naiveté of law professors in general; my experience with drug dealers is that they're a bit circumspect about dealing with someone who calls them out of the blue and says, "Hey, I'm new in town, know where I can score some blow?Besides, despite the awesome power the Federal government brings to bear upon those it accuses of crimes, when it goes after someone big, at least it's a fair fight. Continue reading "Another look at 16(K)" » , by Russ Bensing I know the juror who got thrown off of Cornelius Lynch's trial.

Continue reading "Case Update" » , by Russ Bensing The advent of open discovery in criminal cases in 2010 ushered in a number of changes. Lynch was on trial for child rape, and the jury'd been out a while, when the judge got a note from the foreperson, indicating that a juror was exhibiting very serious signs of mental or emotional problems.

Even assuming the relevancy of the file, however, the defense knew about it months in advance, and the cop never testified at trial. Officer Number 2 was the only one wearing a body cam, and had it turned on at the time. If it's only potentially useful, though - basically, we don't know if it's exculpatory because we haven't seen it - then you have to prove the police acted in bad faith in destroying it. I guess, as an attorney, I'm supposed to be outraged at this assault on one of our most sacred privileges, but I have a hard time projecting Cohen's travails on me.

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DEEE-fense! April 20, 2018, by Russ Bensing. There was a dustup between Michael Hawthorne and James Cooperwood; something about Hawthorne stealing Cooperwood's duffel bags, the situation aggravated by the fact that Cooperwood was dating the woman with whom Hawthorne had three children.… continue reading »

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