Totally dating for older women

18-Apr-2017 05:26

Not all men seek younger models of their youth dream girls. That's not to say guys can't be immature and never grow up ;) I think that old guys like younger women because...well, younger women (20-somethings) represent youth, something from their past that maybe they never fully utilized, and are more physically attractive than a 50-something (all things being equal). Some women like younger guys, but many don't go down that route when relationship's on their mind.I would honestly say "it works just as well with women".

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Older Men Date focuses on users over 50 years of age, and does not allow members under the age of 30.

Older men and younger women- well I am not looking for a father figure- my father passed away..!

I am not interested in men- too much older than myself- I like someone closer to my age or younger, but not too old... I would also like to add that I have always been attracted to much older men, most of my life.

Another thing you probably believe is that men think about sex more than women wich also is not true they have done studies on it.

An older man could say the same thing as you just did and would be half right too.heres some advice grow up!Many men mature in different ways, and at different times, which could make the range of those they might be interested in vary significantly. That I do not mind dating a woman that has the maturity of my mother, but if she looked like my mother, or let herself go, it would not matter her age or maturity, it just would not happen.What we do know about dating over all, is that the market is such that the buyer must be aware, and know what is accepted or not. " daddy issue's", but what about a older woman with a younger guy...No matter the age, if the one interested in me is satisfied, and I am as what the market will bare when it comes to relationships. like lets say the guy is 25 and the woman is almost 40...