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When The Internet Jewish dating game upped its ante, I was relieved that there was no longer the need to go to these thankless gatherings.

Now, I could recreate that very same experience virtually, by dating other Jews online.

All anyone can do is pray for you and your impending outdated shelf life.

Tell them that your efforts to improve the situation involve locating nearby Jews online and you’re met with the judgmental collective headshake that you’ve had to resort to the Internet to find a life partner - even God cannot help you now.

Third, while there is always the option of converting a non-Jew, YOU try bringing that icebreaker up on a first date.

So as time ticks on and the best of the local, reasonably aged Jewish males have been married off, I’ve made more of a concerted effort to put myself out there.

When you match with someone, of course, JSwipe wishes you the premature ‘Mazel Tov! Just in case you temporarily forgot the tragedies that led you to this app in the first place. Lesson 4: If you don’t already know them, there’s a reason for that… You might also be interested in: Tinder Is Dead: How Has The App Gone From Hero To Zero In Just Six Months?

Recently I spent a week on J Swipe talking to a handsome Jewish children’s doctor. Refreshingly everything was easy going, none of the usual schmaltzy nonsense about how much of a Jewish princess I was, or whether my mum’s chicken soup was as good as his mum’s. Him: ‘Hey Eve, just wanted to message you ahead of our date tomorrow - can’t wait. I don’t know whether you picked up on this between the lines but… But which lines am I supposed to be reading between? This somewhat weirded me out and, suffice to say, we didn’t go on a date. It seems that several millennia after Adam met Eve, I’m still very much in the market for a real-life Jewish matchmaker.


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Instead of suggesting there are numerous environmental factors involved, ‘please God by you’ implies that your fate is in the hands of the Almighty.Some people blame ‘being picky’ for the fact they’re perpetually single.I’m not picky - I wish I could afford that privilege. First, my whole life I’ve been haunted by the scene in when the youngest daughter gets ostracised by her father for choosing a blue-eyed non-Jewish fiancé.TGIF was formed to allow single Jewish professionals in the greater Boston community a chance to network, mingle, schmooze, and meet people in a relaxed non-threatening atmosphere.

The group was started in the 1980's and has been quite successful in helping people to form new friendships and has been responsible for several marriages which now have offspring !

You don’t get everything you want, the market is saturated and you have to sell yourself short (most men I date are so vertically-challenged they make all 5’2” of me feel like the Burj Khalifa - at least when you’re vetting dates at real-life events you can see exactly where they enter on the height scale from the off).