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QW w to THE FALL GUYand DUKES OF 4 A22 ARO AT LAST THE ARCADE ADVENTURE FROM IDl GR good compufef ^J^^[i stores ETveryw Iwi.^; /J Rog«if Kmn fm Kofm EEdilof D«vtd W«l«m Artiilltor Advtnturi Editof SMf Wfflir Uoyd Mflsngmm Contill MJtifig wftttrs ^!And \hen there's the speaal article which explains how CRASH gelspyt together every morvthp w Ncti rnighf ^ve you an Insight irno vmy na6t m MUifie people are a little nulqf at Hma Si and thora^a a pieoe aboul what it was IHce for tie BSC TV crew to film Imagine as the Lrverpool software house headed towaf ds its nervous breakdown.So I thif^ thefe's plenty to keep you occupied gairtfutly over the loog dark *days of the Christmas holiday and we hope you en^ 1h^ contents.KS33^ Features: 10 UOYD'S LOOK BACK AT 1964 Will 84 get the thutnlti S'up or thumbs-down? What have Rom ik got in store for ^7 60 THE BIGGEST COMMERCIAL BREAK Art ill -depth srtalvsis of Imagirke's collap M 70 SABREWULF'S JUNGLE AOVEINTTURE A $hon st Qrv by Charlv^ Cohen 94 CRASH READERS AWARDS 1984 The ct\arts— as ihey si and 112 LOOK FORWARD TO 198S W© \OCiktit h9rdlwi»r# i Qt 8^ 145 ROBIN CANDY'S POKES CORNER Robin stfis Iti rough some pokfls 148 INSIDE CRASH Exdusive lootc ai ^kwv ilie m»g tc mads ifi CMhlyliy Shf Opshtre Gmmwl Wff W Iwri d gr Mat to; POBi^ 10.Ludlow, Tttophond i Hint MM Qmwil o Wm 0504 5620 idlt Oftol Miidio 06S4 5SS Aili Mtetfig 0584 5S51 Ho4Unii05S4 30t5 iivftiout Mtinim coosefii cri 1^ OTpyngnt noiaofm Pt Mto Mlllf Vby Sl OS.

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But v^ithoul tine ireedom to say so, K it's Inje, a magazine like CRASH loses al credib Hl Pty Tiie reai answer fe that software houses shouki just produce the vefy best. One thing 1 tiave noticed dufii^ this year, aixl am thankrul for, is that if we slip up over a review m any way, yoti are all vepy quick to say so. whether the aocdade of being also a trade guide is true or riot, CRASi^ 1 s hare ior the buyeiv of software as wsl as for (he producers of software On a slightly different aspect of the same subiect, we are carrying an article this issue about Imagine and rts demise, as seen (largely) through the eyes of the BBC film crew wfio worked with Inv^ine rigttt up to the end.Users must be over18 yrs and must have the bill payers’ permission. To opt out of receiving marketing messages text OPTOUT to 89126. From: BUG'BYTE CCS CREATIVE SMRKS FIREBIRD FREL GILSOFT HCWSON INCENTIVE OCEAN REALTIME Sf LVERSOFT ULTIMATE ^^ Und Brwur Ue Knig MLan Bou Um r Dash Pole Position Mtjt Humosof Xsndos PREVIEW^ !««f WWT I LOOK OJT K»arr TCR L£Mm GCOI(i OK:ed Rtafn(arbv Jge, tape cassette or hfert Kkrh^so^ ^ Worte Mthvirtijalyaljoystick^ompat Jblescfitvare.

^ I:«taritprtiffaftibaclngwtthcarl7idge software ^ Bl*-ripowefsafety device -uriqiie to Ram Tifbo. 4= brmetfeteaiaili^xlty-anlerswilte desijatched wthn 24 hours upon recapt cf postal ordeis or cf Bd Jt card details (cheq Mes-sewtfi day^. It's avadable from Boots, Menzie St Greens^Sped Jum Groijp homecomputef centn K and alg Dod corrpitfif shops everywh^ Or Simply conipiete the axpon below arid send It to us today. SEASONAL GOOD WILL Welcome to the CRASH CHRISTMAS SPECIAL! Some automated messages may be sent for billing purposes. Adult text chat service with no guaranteeof meeting made or implied. Text Chat costs £1.50 plus standard network charges per message received. You're chosen woman will text you back with a chat reply starting your Text Sex Contacts conversation. Maximum three replies per text.89126 is a virtual text chat service.000 worth in prizes Ttiere is also the 1 985 Calendar, a 1 6 page full colour pull out wfth Six months on mther sidep complele witti two pant pldufes by Oliver Frey. Lydlow's answer lo P^ Hacker, has been pr es^anged into doinq a Pokes Comer, a tpundb ol ctie«te lor the lazy afiw Je ptayer.