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24-Jun-2017 08:19

returns for its fifth season on Thursday, April 5, and E! Madison and Elizabeth Madison, Thomas Ravenel's close friends who have made appearances on the Bravo hit since it premiered, are no longer together..the women are definitely picking sides in this break-up. "I literally go to your house almost every day and pick your wife up out of bed," Naomie says to J. "So don't pretend you are some great husband, some great familyman, because it's a f--king bulls--t lie." Um, we think we speak on behalf of every viewers when we ask how the hell is Naomi not a main cast member?! Still, he says he never "hooked up" with them...prompting Chelsea Meissner, the show's newest series regular, to throw another accusation at J.

News' exclusive sneak peek at the Bravo hit's return, a shocking split is revealed and will cause longtime viewers' jaws to drop. A dinner party quickly takes an extremely dramatic and uncomfortable (but highly entertaining) turn in the exclusive video above when Naomie Olindo calls J. She proves this point even further when she accuses J. of going "out every night, f--king twenty year-olds." Oh yes, she went there.

and ensures that his feelings of love and devotion are good one day if something magically changes.

The solution is simple: Know what you want and remain single until you get it.

sometimes I feel like if I didn’t text him or set up dates, he’d disappear or forget I even existed at all. That is to say, when you really have love and a relationship that’s working, you aren’t asking yourself the question, “Does he really love me?

I understand the confusion, though – there are tons of movies and TV shows portraying women acting rude, stand-offish, and uninterested in the guy…

I don’t know where or why this idea started, but somehow women all over the world were tricked into believing that men communicate in some sort of secret code… Men aren’t transmitting secret messages to you through their words and actions…

It’s bad enough if you’re obsessing about what his words and actions mean (as if it’s not obvious)…

He tells you about what he’s doing and your relationship has a feeling of partnership to it.

MORE: 5 Steps to Make Any Man Fall in Love The fact is, I could go on and on about signs a man loves you.However, this lesson has often led women to believe they need to somehow make a man work for them or chase them…so they end up doing all sorts of weird stuff and playing games because, at the heart of it, they’re afraid the guy won’t value them if they don’t.then somehow the movie or TV show ends with the guy confessing his undying love for the girl.

It's rare for a sim to be so all-encompassing that it can provide both light entertainment to the curious casual gamer who wants to fly fighter jets under bridges with a gamepad, and valuable education to a budding pilot ensconced in a home-made cockpit -… continue reading »

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When a guy loves you or is on his way to falling in love with you the relationship starts with a lot of enthusiasm on his part. The guy can’t wait to see you.… continue reading »

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And when J. D. tries to deny it, Naomie, who is no longer dating Craig Conover, says she has the receipts. Still, he says he never "hooked up" with them.prompting Chelsea Meissner, the show's newest series regular, to throw another accusation at J. D.… continue reading »

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