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Fogg's Fancy - Scottish 18th century 9/8 in original key of C minor - MIDI Mr.

Fogg's Fancy - Scottish 18th century 9/8 in dulcimer friendly key of E minor - MIDI Mr.

Grimgruffinhoff - Irish 18th century humorous song, 6/8, Key of C, with lyrics - MIDI Mrs.

Madison's Minuet - See, Dolley Madisons' Minuet Mrs.

Plays like a 16 bar jig with three extra variations - MIDI Farewell to Whiskey - Scottish - Niel Gow's lament, now often played as a reel MIDI Faronell's Ground, Three of the Playford variations on Faronell's ground - 17th Century - MIDI Father O'Flynn - Irish jig, a/k/a Top of Cork Road with piano accompaniment MIDI Father O'Flynn - Irish jig, a/k/a Top of Cork Road, straight lead sheet with chords MIDI Female Sayler - French/English from the early 1700s, also a mid-1800s Christmas carol "Masters in This Hall", set in Am as an English country dance - MIDI Fenian Stronghold - Irish, traditional, compare to Avenging and Bright - old version in flat keys - MIDI Fenian Stronghold - Irish, traditional, dulcimer friendly keys - MIDI Fiddler's Dram - American and elswhere, 16 bar reel MIDI A Fig for a Kiss, A very nice 9/8 in E minor from England, Scotland and Ireland - MIDI Firth of Cromartie, John & Andrew Gow, Scottish, 18th Century - MIDI Fishar's Minuet II, A duet minuet by the author of Fishar's Hornpipe - 18th Century - MIDI Gaelic Air, a Highland air collected by P.

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from the Petrie Collection ca 1840 - MIDI Kitty Magee- Traditional Irish Jig, the ancient and perhaps the oldest known version - MIDI Knives and Forks - a cute little Playford English Country Dance tune in G - MIDI Korobushka - Russian folk tune in Am, open to variations - MIDI Lady Frances Scot's Reel, Scottish - by Daniel Dow (actually more a 6/8 march) - MIDI Lakes of Pontchartrain - American song of the New Orleans area, with Irish connections - MIDI Lamb Skinnet - Scottish - 6/8 dance jig in A major - MIDI Lament for Charles Mac Cabe, by Irish harper Turlogh O'Carolan MIDI - multitrack Lanagan's Ball - Irish jig, without the lyrics MIDI Landlady of France - English and American, multi-titled tune and song, with lyrics - MIDI Lark in the Morning - Irish Double jig in E minor - Dorian - MIDI Lass of Patie's Mill - Scottish / English 18th Century MIDI Lawyers' Lamentation on the Tearing Down of Charing Cross - History Article- Prince Rupert's March - MIDI Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silent - French melody, Picardy - English Hymn - MIDI Lumps of Pudding - Finale from the Beggar's Opera - As an instrumental in A minor - MIDI Little Man and Little Maid - Scots and English, multi-titled tune and song - MIDI Liliburlero - English, 17th century Playford tune and parent of the song - "Nottingham Ale" - MIDI Loch Lavan Castle - Irish reel (and perhaps Scottish also) becoming Americanized MIDI Lord Balgonie's Favorite- 18th Century Scottish air, used by Robert Tanahill for the song "Gloomy Winter's Now Awa'", and used as a piano air in the movie, "The Piano" - MIDI Lord Lovat's Lament- 18th Century Scottish air, later also known as "Lament for the Highland Clearances", with a bass part for bass, cello, harp or piano accompaniment - MIDI Lord Rollo's March- 18th Century Scottish march, withharmonies and a bass part for cello or piano (treble clef bass line) - MIDI Lost Farm Waltz - Contemporary American - a very nice waltz by Rick Wagner ..............................(However, it just might have been composed for an English ballad opera.) MIDI Irish Washer Woman, Murphy's - Irish jig, with a bass line - version from Murphy's Collection of 1809, with some more modern parody lyrics MIDI Jackson's Morning Brush - 18th century Irish jig, by Walker Jackson, the "piping rector".Popular in early America - With a bass part - MIDI James Betagh-Jig - Irish jig by O'Carolan, somewhat complicated, also known as "Jig to the Above" or "Jig to Ditto" because in Carolan printed collections it follws another James Betagh tune - PDF - MIDI Jefferson and Liberty - American jig, two settings with different chords MIDI Jenny Dang the Weaver, Scottish reel, 18th Century - MIDI Jenny Lind Polka - American - after the "Swedish Nightengale" and P. Barnum's Jenny Lind tour in the early 1800's MIDI Johnny Cope - Scottish, song, from the (short) Battle of Prestonpans in 1745 MIDI John Ryan's Polka - Irish Polka, with piano accompaniment staves MIDI Joy to the Person of My Love - Scottish love song from about 1625. The title and melody might make it a nice wedding piece, but the lyrics are of unrequited love.- MIDI Bonaparte's Retreat - The traditional fiddle tune, not the 1812 overture, plus the Hootchy Kootchy Song - MIDI Bonnie Annie, by 18th century Scottish fiddler Daniel Dow, reel, playable as strathspey - MIDI, arranged as strathspey, then as a reel - multitrack Booth Killed Lincoln, Anerican fiddle tune, perhaps not the best choice for President's Day- MIDI Boys of Wexford, Irish March, 19th Century, and perhaps 1798(?

) - MIDI Branle L'Official - 16th Century dance tune that became a Christmas song "Ding Dong Merrily on High".

A good "spooky" tune.- MIDI (Mr.) Horn's Strathspey, John & Andrew Gow, Scottish, 18th Century - in Am - MIDI (Mr.) Horn's Strathspey, John & Andrew Gow, Scottish, 18th Century - in Gm - MIDI House of the Rising Sun 4/4 version, American traditional, with a bass line - in Am - MIDI House of the Rising Sun 6/8 version, American traditional, with an arpeggiated bass line and intro - in Am - MIDI Hunt the Squirrel - Lively English country dance in 6/8, widely known and played, and possible source of a schoolyard chant - MIDI Hunters of Kentucky - The original "Battle of New Orleans" song, from 1815, with the original 1815 accompaniment.