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04-Apr-2017 19:42

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I’ve been hesitating, not because I didn’t know what to say but because deep down I knew I wasn’t ready to say it.

But now, as I finally type this post, I know it’s time to hit publish. One fateful day in 2006, I hugged my parents goodbye and started on a journey that has taken me around the world two and a half times and allowed me to teach in two different countries, play poker professionally in Amsterdam, live in New York City, create this great site, and meet some of the world’s most amazing people.

(The author has worked in the complex.) A man content with the status quo sees a glimpse of the future, saying he'll be on the political criminal list. As he tries to restore his wiped memories, he learns things are far worse than he thinks.

In my mind, these trips need to be done as a whole, not as small trips to this or that country.

So today I leave home for my final trip around the world that will take me to Europe, East Asia, and Southeast Asia before heading back sometime around March or April 2012.

Winner of the Colorado Authors' League Top Hand Award.

This science-fiction mystery was a bestselling ebook for Peanut Press.Looking to make friends right now, that are drivers so I can at least feel like I am still a part of trucking.Recently, I joined a partnership with Yonderbound, a third-party hotel booking site, as a team member with their bloggers program.However, if you are traveling alone, then I believe the answer is yes, at a certain point, too much time on the road can take its toll. It’s one thing to be traveling with friends, a girlfriend, or a spouse, but it’s another to be constantly surrounded by strangers every day of your life.