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17-Mar-2017 17:18

I speak fluent Italian, alas with a pronounced Australian accent.

"Great Walks" magazine recently said I had the best job in the world..

Afterwards I worked at the Institute of Languages, University of New South Wales (Sydney) taking guided tours to Italy annually.

I spent two years with my family in Prato (Florence) in 20, working at the Monash University (Melbourne) Centre.

To the contrary of other dating sites for trans women, we emphasise on sincere dating and promote real loving relationships.

Trans women are nothing less than women, who deserve to be respected and treated as such, and deserve a decent dating site where they can meet sincere men.

What makes My Transsexual Date unique, is that our team is essentially made of transgender women.

So we know very well what are the challenges that transgender women face for finding love.

We strongly believe that our dating site wouldn't run so well if our team was not made of trans people.

From here we go east across the plains to ‘Venetian Slovenia’, a wedge of beautiful forested hills that forms the frontier between Italy and Slovenia.