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However, there have also been rumors that Triple H has buried a lot of talent behind the scenes as well – rumors that go back to his days in the Kliq.Former WWE announcer Justin Roberts spoke with , Roberts said that no one in the locker room was happy with the comments.Sometimes the Undertaker is the bad guy and sometimes Kane is the bad guy.They seem to turn on one another and become friends again on a regular basis.Justin did say that Triple H always talked down to him when he was working in the WWE.

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In addition, he used to be dim-witted and continually threatened with being put in a mental asylum.

A few weeks later, Gene Snitsky caused Lita to have a miscarriage. Combined, they are almost 14 feet tall and weigh close to 1,000 pounds.

This event seemed to bring them closer together, but Lita wound up being with Edge when details of their real-life relationship caused Matt Hardy to be fired. The tag team broke up because Kane went insane when he heard the words May 19, which is the release date of his first movie, .

At the first Hell in a Cell match, Kane made his debut by costing Undertaker a match with Shawn Michaels.

Undertaker refused to fight Kane until he was burnt alive in a coffin at .

Triple H had worked extensive programs with Randy Orton and the two were close associates at the time.