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He then has his face, which he has dubbed “The Money-maker,” placed up on the Titantron for all to see during the bout. Miz counters an Irish Whip into the barricade, then soars off the top rope with an axe handle smash.

Sheamus and Miz trade waistlocks and hip-tosses, then Miz gets taken to the outside. Miz repeatedly kicks Sheamus in the corner, but the U. Miz continues to work over Sheamus in the corner, but Sheamus reverses an Irish Whip this time, and gives Sheamus a rolling fireman’s carry. They are still fighting on the outside, with Miz shoving Sheamus into the ring post.

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There is an uneasiness between them, until Triple H walks in.In the ring, Miz kicks away again, but Sheamus catches his foot.Miz tries to punch, but Sheamus comes back with axe handle smashes and a shoulder ram in the corner.Speaking of face-offs and allies, Paige and Divas Champion A. Lee seem to be on friendly terms right now, but that will all be put aside at Battleground.