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" The three options were: Macintosh computer, Sony Walkman and Post-it notes. But the correct answer was apparently "Sony Walkman".

It wasn't long until viewers questioned the answer, because Post-It Notes were launched under the name Press 'n Peel in 1977, before "Post-It Notes" debuted on April 6, 1980.

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Especially as it was weird that his wife and this other guy kept coughing when he stated certain answer options.His whereabouts weren't known until his death from throat cancer in 1999.5.Most 1950s game shows were as real as or wrestling America's innocence was lost forever in the '50s, when it transpired that a load of their favourite quiz shows were essentially a scripted comedy-drama. Here, his incredible geeky brain saw him unbeaten for six weeks in a row.This meant he could keep control of the board for as long as he liked.

He used most of his savings to buy a plane ticket to California for an audition, and although suspicions were raised, he was allowed to participate. And as technically he wasn't cheating, he was allowed to keep his winnings. He ended up investing all his money into another get-rich-quick-scheme.Unknown to anyone at the time, Cooper had got away with murdering brother and sister Richard and Helen Thomas in 1985.Four years later he appeared as a contestant on Footage from the game show was later used in evidence against him, as detectives compared his image with a sketch of a suspect in the Dixons' murder."I don't mind being accountable if it's something I have done, but it kind of bothers me to take a lot of flak for something I haven't done. A criminal genius used his VCR to legally cheat A very jolly-looking Michael Larson appeared on US game show in 1984, winning an equivalent of 4,000 (as adjusted for inflation in 2016) in cash and prizes.

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