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05-Aug-2017 21:26

So we teamed up to write the most powerful book ever published on Lifestyle Transformation for men: "The Alpha Rules." The success of that book inspired us to take it to the next level: a DVD series that would show the lessons being applied.So we gathered a group of specially selected students, booked an incredible penthouse suite in Las Vegas, brought in a camera crew, and produced what is clearly the best, most informative DVD series ever done on this topic. Carlos Xuma went all-out..dug deep into his banks of knowledge and laid it all out there, a blueprint for total motivation and success.I want to congratulate you in advance, because you're about to join the 1% of men who enjoy a true Motivation: Tapping into your inner power source to go after the passions in your life.Finding the hidden reserves of energy and purpose that you've always needed to move forward.

These tactics are also essential in building your social and business networks. Like Carlos, I have an extensive background in coaching guys. Once Carlos and I got to talking, we realized we shared the same vision.

I even found that there were a lot of great side effects of developing these skills, like: which way to go. When I got to certain goals, I stopped, made a note in my journal, and went on to the next one. It's about how to build the kind of lifestyle you've always wanted - with YOUR goals, YOUR dreams, and YOUR mission... There's no point recycling the same old stuff unless you can get new wisdom and a better way of creating your own confident Alpha Lifestyle™, and that's what I've done in this program.

I wanted more than just pickup artist skills - I wanted LIFE skills... If you've read all the ebooks, worn out your David D.

It also contains a lot of amazing, effective strategies for meeting and connecting with women. Some of the psychology Carlos teaches seems almost like Jedi mind control...) And here's the best part: when I saw the final version of these DVDs, I saw they are EVEN BETTER than being in the room with Carlos!

Using computer graphics, the DVDs give tons of additional information on the screen while Carlos and his guest speakers are talking.

Most men can't even imagine that they possess this very same ability.

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