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My code so far: Public Class Gould Catalog Dim inc As New Integer Dim con As New Ole Db. Ole Db Connection Dim db Provider As String Dim db Source As String Dim ds As New Data Set Dim da As Ole Db. If you’re working with users you don’t want to expose to the inner workings of Access, you may choose to use Access forms to create a user-friendly experience.This walk-through outlines the process of creating an Access form.

If after trying this example, you receive a "not defined" error on the "Dim db as Database" declaration, you will need to follow some additional instructions.I believe this is the last field I added to the DB. I'll look into the code option, but I am a rookie when it comes to writing code.I would like the calculated field to keep a running total and display the current total no matter what field I begin entering data. Thanks, Brian Ok, place your formula in the controlsource property of your Total field. (not bad at adapting it though)Thanks, Brian Brian All you have to do is go to the property for each field and look for After Update Select Event Procedure.I also wanted it so I could make a new record by filling out the form, and hitting the new button.

I want it so it can delete the selected / presented record (namely basing it off the id field, such as 1 or 2). OLEDB.4.0;" db Source = "Data Source = C:\Documents and Settings\Eric\My Documents\Visual Studio 2010\Projects\EGI Movie Catalog\EGI Movie Catalog\db1.mdb" con. Hi, I've been having issues with this for the last 4 hours and I don't know what to do. Basically I'm using an MS Access database to store information on a movie collection, however I do NOT want to use the crappy controls microsoft has for populating and navigating databases, namely MS ACCESS ones (the controls that have the pre-made toolbar and the save crap). Here is a screenshot of what it looks like (don't judge me on the movies, it's not my movie collection I'm doing this for a project for my friend): what I have it do so far, is when you click on a record in the Data Grid View, it populates the form below and further on allows for editing and updating. My problem: I have no clue how to make the update buttons to update the record selected / presented in the fields. ") End Sub Private Sub btnreconnect_Click(By Val sender As System.