Updating a meade 497 controller instructions crazydating ru

03-Apr-2017 09:00

If you're not sure, having a star atlas to reference helps.

The star will not be centered in the finder scope, you'll need to use the Autostar left, right , up, arrows to center it.

While some feel that the best way to learn the sky is with binoculars and a star chart, I could never get into that.

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First, you're view finder has to be aligned accurately.

correctly or everything you do afterwards will be fruitless.

The scope has to be in the home position and level.

These were because I rushed my set up and paid for it in the long run.

Read the manual and patience is the must valuable skill in the hobby.

I found the Autostar to be very easy to use even without reading the manual.

Sadly, no. Meade had a very "open" feature set with the LX200 Classic -- virtually anything you could do with the hand controller was doable via the serial interface -- but this has, unfortunately, not carried over to the Autostar.… continue reading »

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