Updating a resume

30-Mar-2017 15:10

"They take up precious space on your résumé and can be considered a security threat — think about all the places you post your résumé online," she said.

TC added a link to Beth's Linked In page, while Beth made sure her other relevant social media accounts, such as her Twitter account, were linked to her Linked In profile.

"While you might be able to get away with omitting a professional summary from your entry-level résumé, you must include something at the top of your mid-level résumé that summarizes your goals and value proposition," she said.

"Think of it as the place where you incorporate your elevator pitch into your résumé," Augustine said.

"The professional title clearly states Beth's current job, leaving no room for ambiguity," Augustine said.

"However, the word 'manager' in the title can be swapped out at any time to reflect whatever specific position Beth is targeting." Below that, TC included Beth's professional summary, which Augustine said gives the reader a sense of Beth's most marketable soft skills and hard skills and the extent of her experience.

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To solve this, TC streamlined Beth's résumé overall so that recruiters and hiring managers may review information quickly.

"A proficiency in another language is a good selling point in virtually every role," Augustine said.

TC not only incorporated the word "bilingual" in Beth's professional summary but also listed her language skills in a languages section at the end of her résumé.

"Remember, bullet points are tools to attract the reader's eye — use them sparingly," she said.

If you ended one job in November 2015 and started the next in January 2016, Augustine said you may want to include the months to indicate there were only two months between your roles.TC incorporated these keywords and phrases throughout every section of Beth's résumé, from the "Areas of Expertise" table at the top to the "Technologies" section at the end."This technique will also help Beth's résumé pass the robotic screen and advance it to a live person for review," Augustine said.Augustine explained in more detail some of the specific changes TC made to Beth's résumé to help prepare her for her next step.

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