Updating address book lync 2016

15-May-2017 00:40

In the real world you should actually do this at this point.However, for the purposes of this example I haven’t done this to show what effect it has later when running the Database Install commands.With the release of Lync 2013 CU2 (July 2013) the upgrade process has changed from what is documented here.

Note: In the above example I haven’t checked the status of the Persistent Chat Databases.This post specifically covers the process documented for Lync 2013 CU1 (Feb 2013), however, it's likely the process will be similar for future cumulative updates.So this post should continue to function as a reference in the future, but be sure to always check the process documented for the specific CU you are installing before doing an upgrade.This is most likely to happen in a lab environment where you’ve only provisioned the minimum disk space for each machine.

I had this happen with 15.3GB of disk space free, however, when I expanded the disk to have 29GB free this error went away.However, when you’re using database mirroring there is a requirement to remove the mirror for specific databases that need to have the schema updated, and then re-create the mirror databases after the update has been applied to the primary database.To remove the database mirror you will first need to ensure that all of your databases are running on the Primary SQL server.As you can see in the above output, I had two failures in the upgrade process.