Updating cell phone range

11-Feb-2017 20:41

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By far the biggest issue most of us face with cell phones, other than poor reception, is battery life.

That’s why the extended batteries and cases are becoming so popular.

Unfortunately, it’s a case of getting more battery life at the expense of the good signal.

Many of the aftermarket batteries interfere with the reception, making it weak, or sometimes non-existent.

Most of us are lucky to have Wi-Fi in our homes, and we tap into it with our i Pads, computers, DVD players and gaming consoles to access the Internet and online content.

However, it is also very handy for making phone calls, and several smartphones and providers have a Wi-Fi calling feature.

This is certainly not as good as a signal booster, but it may be worth a try if your options are limited.

To start with, you need to understand the difference between a signal booster and a femtocell.

Femtocells work with one specific provider, and can eat up your Internet bandwidth.

You can enter the house talking on the phone over 4G, and finish your conversation over Wi-Fi.