Updating dsc 2016 online applications

21-Jul-2017 10:56

Therefore, make sure that you perform a full backup before you start the update process.

After the restore is complete, you can resume the update. For more information, see the following resources: Before you start to deploy a software update, verify that the update strategy that you plan to use is optimal for your Share Point Server 2016 environment.

We recommend that you use the Upgrade and Migration page in Central Administration as the primary tool to view product and patch installation status, data status, and update status in real time.

After Setup runs, you can also view the log files and use Microsoft Power Shell to check installation progress.

There might be issues that block the update or that result in an updated farm that has elements that do not work as expected.

Pay extra attention to database synchronization and customizations.

Do not start the update if any of the preceding conditions are not satisfied. Share Point 2013 can handle certain upgrade failures after the patching phase finishes.

For more information about how the database-attach process works, see the diagrams in Overview of the upgrade process from Share Point 2013 to Share Point Server 2016.The following illustration shows the farm topology that is used as an example for each patching scenario that is described in this article.When you are ready to continue, perform only one of the following procedures in this article to install the update: In this scenario you disable incoming requests to the front-end web servers, thus effectively shutting down the entire farm.To install an update without backward compatibility This scenario takes advantage of the backward compatibility of Share Point 2013 and the deferred upgrade feature to reduce the farm downtime that is required to deploy a software update. The sites and services will not be available while the database content is being upgraded.

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