Updating electrical outlets

23-Mar-2017 01:49

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Even with an electrical system that complies with all safety standards, it is most important to never touch electrical outlets with wet hands.

Safe Use of Plugs When inserting or detaching the plug and cord of an appliance into an electrical outlet be sure to hold the base of the plug securely.

You will need to add grounding wires before you change out the outlets.

Another option for updating electrical outlets is to install Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GCFI) outlets.

Damaged and Incorrectly Installed Outlets A major cause of electrical accidents in household is the presence of outlets that are not properly installed or maintained.

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Do regular inspections of all your electrical outlets, especially those in high-use areas such as the kitchen and bathroom.Updated Outlets Many older homes have two-pronged outlets with outdated wiring.If you notice that, you should ask a trusted electrician for an assessment of your home’s wiring.Homeowners can reduce the likelihood of accidents and fires by periodically checking and then fixing any defects in electrical outlets but when necessary repairs are not simple, it pays to use a professional service provider.