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The Pet Address search engine allows you to search for the microchip number of a pet in various animal databases.Simply type the microchip number in the search field; then click to search. Microchipping is one of the most effective ways to reunite lost pets with their keepers.

If your pet is going to a new home you will need to instigate a transfer from within your personal admin area.

Choose the ‘transfer’ tab from your pet profile link and simply follow the instructions.

in increasing your chances that you'll be reunited with them should they run away, get lost, be stolen, or otherwise disappear in the blink of an eye from your life. While having the microchip implanted is a super important step, it's not the only one.

You can call your vet’s office or the shelter/rescue where you adopted your pet, they may well have it in their records.

But it's even easier and faster to look up your pet’s microchip number on the AAHA Universal Pet Microchip Lookup site — you plug in the number, and the site will tell you if and with which registry the chip is registered (example below), when it was last updated, and provide the necessary information about how to get in touch to check and update your contact information.your pet's microchip isn't just important, it's also quick and easy.All you need is their microchip number and an internet-connected phone or computer(or a pen)! See "Step 1" in the "Checking & Updating Microchip Info" section above.To be safest, we recommend that you register your pet's microchip both with the manufacturer's registry and with the Found Animals registry.