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21-Feb-2017 13:52

In fact, the only reason it had the tag “beta 4” was to align with the set of Nuget packages that were being released for ASP. NET 5, so the EF team needed to release their stable pre-releases on Nuget.org, which you can see here, in sync with ASP. The nightly builds, which are available here, are a different story and are pushed frequently by the EF team whenever they are ready to do so. NET5 which meant setting aside the goals that they wanted to achieve. NET 5 was released, we would get a release of EF7 that would be still called a pre-release, not an RTM.

Since the course was released some technical things have changed and even the release plans have changed. NET Core 1.0 and EF7 was renamed to Entity Framework Core 1.0 (aka EF Core 1.0). Here is the slide I used while discussing this timeline: These plans have changed somewhat. NET Core focused release of EF Core 1.0 is still going to be a subset of all that the team wants to implement in EF Core, it is now going to be a full release--an RTM, not a pre-release. NET Core 1.0 is released, EF Core 1.0 will be released as well.

That no longer exists, enabling us to use that package name to specifically target EF6.

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The list of things collected in what will be in the initial release has not changed significantly except that now, as mentioned above, EF7 will also support the UWP apps. In Beta4 there was still an EF7 package named Entity Framework. This shifts a bit since the initial RTM of EF Core 1.0 will now support Universal Windows Platform (UWP), which targets Windows 10 devices including phones and tablets. We're still exploring server-side graphics libraries. While discussing where you can use (what was previously called) EF7, I showed a slide that talked about various frameworks.So for example:install-package entityframework.sqlite” will pull down that package, the relational package (which includes migration support), the core package and others.

Don’t forget that the migrations commands are in a separate package: Entity Framework. The New Devices New Data Stores goal is still correct and, as mentioned in the course, the proof of concept work around No SQL and Redis is still set aside. Microsoft is wholly committed to a completely new code base for EF Core using modern software practices.Objects in a relationship are either principal (aka “parent”) or dependent (aka “child”).