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28-Feb-2017 04:47

Access 2007 provides several points for integrating with MOSS 2007.As you can see in Figure 1, these include: importing data from a Share Point List, publishing data to a Share Point site, creating a Share Point List, using Share Point data as an external source, migrating an Access database to a new or existing Share Point site, and offline accessing of Share Point data.

Building solutions based on Access and Share Point makes sense both for organizations looking to pool resources and talent, and for individuals who want to take advantage of applications and skills built up over the years.

For more information on migrating data and how data types are handled during conversion, see "How Access Converts between Access and Share Point Data Types" (office.microsoft.com/en-us/access/HP010477131033.aspx) and the section called Limitations of migration in "Move the Tables in an Access Database to a Share Point Site and Link to Them" (office.microsoft.com/en-us/access/HA101314681033.aspx).

A third way to integrate tables and lists is initiated through Share Point.

The benefits are increased security, as data is now being saved in a SQL Server database, and easier access, because information is available via the browser.

However, another operation—linking lists in Share Point as tables in Access—turns out to be a much more effective way to integrate Access and Share Point.After entering the name of the database, you choose whether to simply link to the data on the Share Point site or export the data outright into Access (see Figure 4).So far we have looked at importing a Share Point list as a linked table and exporting tables to Share Point as lists, but what if you need access to the whole database?Share Point Services (WSS) Users Information List, is also imported and linked in by default.

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