Updating oracle sequence

24-May-2017 17:30

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Above, the value “12” will be bound as the column value during an INSERT if no other value is supplied.

A scalar value may also be associated with an UPDATE statement, though this is not very common (as UPDATE statements are usually looking for dynamic defaults): keyword arguments also accept Python functions.

as part of the “CREATE TABLE” statement, which are likely more common.

For server side defaults, see the next section is used with primary key columns, there are some cases where SQLAlchemy must “pre-execute” the default generation SQL function, meaning it is invoked in a separate SELECT statement, and the resulting value is passed as a parameter to the INSERT.

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This is becaue the “post-fetch” operation requires that the primary key value already be available, so that the row can be selected on its primary key.

If we want the sequence to be used as a server-side default, meaning it takes place even if we emit INSERT commands to the table from the SQL command line, we can use the in both the Python-side and server-side default generation contexts ensures that the “primary key fetch” logic works in all cases.