Updating psp custom firmware 5 50

02-Aug-2017 16:24

Be sure to unmount the Memory Stick so that it can finish writing the files and directories (also known as folders) to the memory card so it can be safely removed from the computer system without anything being corrupted by having the card removed while the computer is still trying to write to it.

On Windows, this is achieved by right-clicking on the memory card's icon and selecting (depending on which of its icons you use) "Eject" or "Safely Remove".

It will most likely be located at the top of the listing as the app list tends to be in sequential order by newest-to-oldest.

Then the PSP will reboot into the firmware update app which you loaded onto the memory card.

I'm posting these here so that if you or anyone you know encounters these errors or warning messages, you'll know you need to fix your PSP by upgrading it to version 6.61 or newer of the firmware. You'll need to download the firmware using your computer, tablet, etc. Go to your desktop computer (or other form factor of computer) and visit the official PSP firmware page at [ https:// ]. These file and directory names are case sensitive and thus must all be written in capital letters. PBP and it should be saved in the PSP/GAME/UPDATE directory.

Here are the error messages: PSN: A connection error has occurred. (80431075) HTTPS Web sites with only a TLS option and no SSL option: SSL communication cannot be performed. and manually transfer the firmware over to your PSP's memory card. So using Linux/UNIX-style parlance, your file should be named [ /PSP/GAME/UPDATE/EBOOT. On Windows, it might read [ E:\PSP\GAME\UPDATE\EBOOT. 4) Remove your PSP's Memory Stick from the PC and return it to your PSP.

Speaking of which, once the PSP PSN storefront goes dark, how will people load up their purchases onto their PSP's?

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Now while this isn't a concern for many PSP owners as most of them don't routinely use their PSP's to connect to Web sites, some do - and more importantly for most PSP owners, you can't use PSN for _anything_ if you don't address this issue.

Too bad SONY doesn't make Media Go available for anything but Microsoft Windows - it leaves everyone that doesn't use it such as Mac and Linux users in the dark...

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