Updating ranch home

20-Aug-2017 09:16

• Replace the front door with a pair of glass doors (9-lite) or stain-grade wood stile and rail design; consider a carriage door design for the garage in stain-grade wood. • Transform your landscape with new patio trees in odd-numbered groupings and colorful, low maintenance plantings.• Wrap porch support posts with decorative panels; use wood, stone or brick for base.In today's real estate market, affordable ranch homes are proving their potential.When they aren't dismissed, torn down, and then replaced by larger Mc Mansion-style homes, they get snapped up by eager buyers happy for the large lots, large windows and friendly layouts.Take the above renovation from Southern Living, which started out as a typical brick 1950s ranch in Birmingham, Alabama.For the exterior, local architect Anna Evans added a front patio, changed the exterior color palette and expanded the entryway.Q My husband and I have been living in our ranch home since the 1970s, and we are finally ready to do some upgrading to make it a little more current. The earth-hugging prairie-style houses pioneered by Frank Lloyd Wright and the popular California bungalow styles paved the way for the ranch. The informal ranch style evolved from several 20th century styles.

If you prefer a more authentic mid-century look, then this Rhode Island ranch is for you.

• Choose solid surfaces for countertops in baths and the kitchen, eliminating the maintenance of grout lines in tile.

• Resurface the fireplace hearth and surround it with cast stone, large granite tile or a milled wood mantel for an updated look.

• Consider flat lightweight concrete tile or Spanish clay tile roofing.

• Replace outdated windows with good quality wood or metal clad wood windows and doors.• Open up walls for view portals from room to room; use color to emphasize the transition between spaces.• Omit some hallways next to common spaces by removing the separation wall between them; this will provide “borrowed” light to the now boundary-less hallway and the additional space.This should get you started with some key modifications that can add character, charm and curb appeal to your ranch-style home.