Updating shortcut files all at once

01-Jun-2017 10:59

If you are creating a user from scratch then what ever was in the default user build will be also passed to that users new %username% profile. That's another good reason to install All software on the computer BEFORE you add extra users. Give it Admin rights, but don't give it a password (you're going to delete the user later).2.

So the answer recapped is, All user profiles live in C:\Users All icons that are displayed on the desktop live in two places1. C:\users\%username%\desktop Hope that sorts out your problem. Haven't read the entire thread, but after dealing with this kind of problem on several Win-7 machines, here's how I fixed it:**YOU SHOULD CREATE A RESTORE POINT VIA "SYSTEM RESTORE" BEFORE YOU START THIS! Now change YOUR user rights to "Limited." Don't worry, you're going to change it back to "Admin" later.3.

When the desktop finishes populating, if there are any duplicate shortcuts, highlight one of each and delete them one at a time. Since you're now a "limited" user, you won't be able to delete any icons that are available to "all users" (you'll get an error message when you try), so try to delete ALL of the duplicates on your desktop ONE AT A TIME! Try changing your desktop background image and see if it solves the problem. But all you have to do is just deleted the empty folders that are duplicates. It happened to mine when the lights when off and then right back on. Jeff - I would have to guess (given the info given), that the problem has to do with the current user and some potential corruption. As I stated, you have two Desktops working as one desktop.

I believe the files are still there, but how to convert shortcut files into original files without destroying the file quality? (Replace E: with the drive letter of your device where you lost or deleted files.) 5.

" It's a common problem that's happened to almost all of us. You cannot access the file which is infected by shortcut virus, however, if you check the property you'll find that the used space is as same as the original file, which means the shortcut virus just changed your files into some icons but doesn't eat them up.

Now make a list of all of the shortcuts remaining on the desktop (write them down - I know, really old school).5. When you finish this step, there shouldn't be any duplicates left.7. ") and back "in" to the one you created in Step 1.8. Log in to your user and make sure you're an "Administrator! If you are an Administrator, continue to Step 11.11. Your computer has had a what I call a hiccup at one time. Just right click on the empty folders and the select delete. Deb It sounds like to me that when you installed certain applications, that it installed the shortcut on your desktop and the desktop for "All Users". it appears twice because these are two separate folders on the system so the system will allow files with duplicate names in separate folders (not the same folder). The easy fix for this would be to create another user. One is the All Users Desktop and the other is the Desktop that is associated with your user account on your computer.

When the desktop finishes populating, Change YOUR user rights (the one you changed to "Limited" in Step 2) back to "Administrator." 9. If there are any other Windows Users that have the duplicates, you need to go back to step 2 before you move on. After you've run the process for all Windows users, delete the User you created in Step 1 (via the Control Panel -- Users). Remember that your Desktop is an actual folder on the system. Likewise, also remember that shortucts are also files. Log in as the other user and then see if it's still doing it. When some programs install, they will install icons on both desktops. Let's say you have more then one user on your pc, you would log in as the other user, what is on the all users desktop would also appear on the desktop of the user that you just logged in as.

I can\u0027t find solutionson the HP or Microsoft sites. I don\u0027t want toreload the system and start again. Please be as detailed as possible when providing a solution. ","url":"https:\/\/com\/forums\/discussions\/all-desktop-shortcuts-appear-twice-and-it-won-t-stop-doing-this-390807\/","popup Width":780,"popup Height":510,"data":,"scroll To Comments":false}'I am not the expert on Windows 7 -- but I figure a new HP which came preloaded with it is likely not to have had the problem out of the box. We can absolve him/her of the sin, but it may recur if the person is around. (not to be rude, but it helps to have listed everything that was installed in your question)You don't make it clear, but should we assume that you delete the excess icons, and new duplicates are created when you restart????

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