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In Pro Liant servers, hard drives, Smart Array Controllers, Remote Insight Lights-Out Edition (RILOE), Remote Insight Lights-Out Edition II (RILOE II) and Integrated Lights-Out (i LO) options have firmware that can be updated.For the purposes of this document, it will be referred to collectively as - firmware.top It is important to update the firmware (Also called - flashing the ROM) as part of regular server maintenance.In addition, checking for specific firmware updates in between regular updates helps to keep the server performing optimally.HPE has many methods for updating firmware, making the process easy.The following paragraphs discuss each method and provide information on how to perform the updates.HPE has developed several methods for updating the firmware in a Pro Liant server and makes it easy to do so.

This ensures that the system, as a whole, is running the latest updates for each component.

The ROM Update Utility is located on the Firmware Maintenance CD, or can be downloaded to a USB Drive Key using the HPE Drive Key Boot Utility.

The Online ROM Flash is an innovative technology developed by HPE that allows the firmware to be upgraded either locally or remotely via a downloadable file called a Smart Component.

A user can install the HPE System Management Homepage (SMH) as a part of the complete Service Pack for Pro Liant (SPP), or they can install the HPE SMH component individually.

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Click here to access and view information on Installing HPE SMH Using HPE Smart Update Manager . The firmware is downloaded onto a floppy diskette and then the system is booted to the floppy drive.

Currently, there are two different methods for updating firmware on HPE servers and options: the traditional Offline ROM Flash, and the innovative Online ROM Flash.