Updating the hosts file

06-Mar-2017 10:50

This way you may only block sites that serve unwanted content or any other site that you choose to block.: Using a HOSTS file will not prevent ads that are served from the same Website you are viewing and also it will not work with URL's that begin with IP numbers.Now navigate to the drivers/etc folder again and make sure to choose All files for File Types, otherwise you won’t see the HOSTS file.Make your changes to the HOSTS file and click File and Save to save all changes.You will get a message saying you do not have permission to save in this location.In order to edit it, you have to click on Start, type in Notepad and then right-click on Notepad and choose Run as Administrator.I use and recommend a fine freeware application Hosts Man.It can do everything you can conceivably do with a HOSTS file from simple editing to scanning for duplicates or possible hijacks, locking the HOSTS file, Flush DNS cache, lock your HOSTS file and it can even disable the DNS Client service.

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Download the There are many applications available for download for easily managing your HOSTS file, nearly all of them are free.Need to figure out how to edit the HOSTS file in Windows 7?For the most part, it’s pretty much the same as Windows XP and Vista, but with a few extra hiccups!That’s because all browsers in Windows check the contents of the HOSTS file first when performing DNS resolution.

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The path to the Hosts file in Windows 7 is the same as before: where %systemroot% is usually C:\Windows unless you installed Windows on a different partition.

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