Updating tivoli backup client

19-Jun-2017 15:04

updating tivoli backup client-49

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The Bucky Backup Support Team recommends using POLLING.

The POLLING option requires less work on the firewall and some simple changes to the client configurations.

The client scheduler will continue polling the server throughout the backup window until it gets backed up.

The machine inside the firewall is initiating all the communications, so this approach is instantly compatible with most firewall installations.

If your firewall does not permit outbound connections you may wish to permit connections to the server's IP address, and at least to the port(s) that the TSM server is using.

You may also need to permit "related" connections through the firewall also.

To change the client scheduler mode, look in or for the SCHEDMODE directive and change it from PROMPTED to POLLING. You will need to save your changes & restart the TSM client scheduler for it to take effect.

So I'm pretty stuck, and support hasn't been much help over the past four days.

The solution is to use client ftp://ftp.com/storage/tivoli-storage-management/patches/client/v8r1/Windows/x64/v814/ X64Best Regards Anders Räntilä =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= RÄNKAB - Räntilä Konsult AB Klippingvägen 23 SE-196 32 Kungsängen Sweden Email: [email protected]: 46 701 489 431 =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= -----Original Message----- From: ADSM: Dist Stor Manager [mailto: [email protected] EDU] On Behalf Of Matthew Mc Geary Sent: den 2 april 2018 To: [email protected] EDU Subject: [ADSM-L] Unable to backup SP database after 8.1.5 server/8.1.4 client update Hey folks, I'm in a bit of bind, did a update to 8.1.5 on a pair of remote servers as a way of easing into this new security stuff and working out the kinks before it rolls out to the larger servers.

Tivoli Storage Manager TSM Communication Methods. There are 2 methods of communication for the TSM client scheduler PROMPTED and POLLING. The Bucky. Created 2012-08-16 CDT, Updated 2017-08-02 CDT. Sites.… continue reading »

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IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Storage Manager is a client-server licensed product. When IBM publishes an updated version of one or more online or hardcopy.… continue reading »

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