Urban jungle dating dilemmas

28-Apr-2017 17:53

Dense environments such as this are likely to have small cells spaced closer than 50 meters apart.One link was 32 metres measured as a direct path, with NLo S reflected signals travelling 49 metres.Before you say anything to your date you need to know exactly what it is you are uncomfortable or unhappy about.Saying ‘I don’t like your friends’ is unlikely to go down well because we choose our friends, unlike our family, so to some extent they are a reflection of our personality and tastes.

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This is much easier and more flexible than Point-to-Point radio links which require alignment, where instead Metnet nodes with their 270degree antenna array automatically detect all possible Lo S and NLo S links and select them accordingly.All potential Metnet links are shown in the diagram below.This link achieved an average signal-to-noise ratio/modulation of 12d B, supporting backhaul data throughput of 135Mbps.Operating in the 26GHz band that is normally constrained to Line-of-Sight, this live trials in downtown Tokyo has proven NLo S (Non-Line-of-Sight) as part of the mix.

Life is full of dilemmas and when it comes to matters of the heart it's doubly important that we have healthy strategies for dealing with difficult dilemmas in the.… continue reading »

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