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28-Jun-2017 20:14

Even after we saw each other more and talked on the phone more, he preferred text. only further boosts his ego, gives him a source of attention… So, I just went with it, thinking “oh well, we will eventually.” We eventually did, but only after he had been love bombing me a ton by text and had me hooked. Gentle, like your personality” These comments stopped after one month in. OR after abandoning their entire family, literally.. might post about how THEY had been left w/ nothing.. It’s one thing to try & attack an innocent victim/ex, but jeez… Went from wanting to marry to hating me and deceiving me behind my back for a very long time.Posted it on Facebook about him surviving with a minor bleed and we’re not friends on Facebook, this was relayed to me by several friends. I caught her on it…her reply was “I never said that. Reply What’s SUPER unfortunate is those who never even auditioned…. Setting up to be the incredibly kind, helpful, genuine & deserving (riiiiight, prob. Some of them may not have been crazy – he twisted everything to “try” to confuse me but I just saw a sad individual that has absolutely no awareness of anything around him but himself. Suddenly it’s their dream to go camping, sleep under the stars in the middle of no where (tho had never mentioned those things the past idk… Soon when he was courting me (texting me), he immediately started sending me more photos of his kids, or of him and his kids, or saying what fun/nice thing he was doing with his kids. Or how much he loved surprising them with things they wanted, like he was so generous. For example, he would text me and I would ask what he was doing, and he would say oh “oh I’m just sitting here watching Care Bears with my daughter on my lap.” Later as I spent more time with him, he started showing his true colors. Within an hour of first meeting him, he was looking at a picture of his daughter on his phone all intently, then showed my friend and I what he was looking at, and we were like “awww…..she’s so cute” and we just immediately thought what a nice guy and dad he must be. And ALL of my texts started out with Hey Baby or Hey Sexy (etc.) and ended the same with Goodnight babe/baby/sexy/beautiful.

I generally exercise a lot through outdoor training and forest runs and weight training…. I find that really helps me in everything physically and mentally though I still feel stuck when meeting new people and my mood will randomly go down.

He said that I had a lot of stuff bottled up and going on in my head and suggested counselling which I kind of laughed off at the time.

This girl is really **** me off. We have mutual friends that were against us dating from the start, and she runs to them telling her i messaged her last night which i did to be civil with someone i have a ton of history with.… continue reading »

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Read Steal My Girl from the story Leo Valdez The Good Memories by Mega_Fangirl_24 MegaFangirl357 with 2,468 reads. fanfiction, valdez, leo. I just become a.… continue reading »

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