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04-May-2017 00:21

Using this guideline, providing a default expiry date seems like a good approach.

The default month can have one of twelve possible values.

This text replacement step can be mitigated if the default text is automatically highlighted when users click on the input box or tab into it; the default value will be replaced on the first keystroke.

The dropdown UI fairs better in this case because choosing the correct value takes the same amount of work regardless of the current value.

The oldest valid card will expire in the current year.

If the current year is 2015, for example, there are no valid cards that expire in 2014 or before, so our default year value must be at least 2015.

To prevent this kind of error, implementations of the text box UI could disallow users from entering any digit other than 0 or 1 as the first digit in the month input box.

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As the saying goes: even a stopped clock is correct twice a day.Credit cards use a standard expiry date format of two month digits followed by two year digits (MM / YY).However, UIs for capturing expiry dates are far from standard.The second disadvantage of providing a default expiry date is that users may have to perform extra work to replace the default value with the correct value.

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