Validating email stories

20-Apr-2017 03:03

event to prevent letters in a text box, set a max number of characters and that a number is with in a range.I guess the better question would be, Are there any benefits to doing server side validation over client side? Here's why: You want to validate input on the client side first because you can give better feedback to the average user.In fact, very often I’ve found that an ambiguous requirement is ambiguous because the business value is unclear. But as I reflect more deeply on my requirements validation experience, walk-throughs, while the obvious candidates, don’t make up the half of it.

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(This pain can be eased by having the server re-render the form with the user's original input filled in, but client-side validation is still faster.) You want to validate on the server side because you can protect against the malicious user, who can easily bypass your Java Script and submit dangerous input to the server. Not only can they abuse your UI, but they may not be using your UI at all, or even a browser.What if the user manually edits the URL, or runs their own Javascript, or tweaks their HTTP requests with another tool?What if they send custom HTTP requests from requests as if the user had filled each company's search form, then gathered and sorted all the results.And still, in reality, the activities of validation and verification are often done together.