Validating html form

07-Jul-2017 04:41

The English strings can be customized the same way.

Although there is nothing terribly complex about the above process, it usually requires a significant amount of code, and to display error messages, various control structures are usually placed within the form HTML.

It provides a flexible class that encourages proper grouping of labels, controls, optional help text, and form validation messaging.

By default it only applies s as well so they’re vertically centered with their associated form controls.

Here’s a quick example to demonstrate Bootstrap’s form styles.

If you use this approach, you must name your array keys as indicated: Give it a try!

``The run()`` method only returns TRUE if it has successfully applied your rules without any of them failing. This method initializes the validation class and loads the form helper and URL helper used by your view files. Based on whether the validation was successful it either presents the form or the success page.