Validating text input

11-Mar-2017 11:40

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To validate is to ensure the data you've requested of the user matches what they've submitted.There are several core methods you can use for input validation; usage obviously depends on the type of fields you'd like to validate. Say we have an input area in our form like this: Just like that, we've told the browser to only allow up to five characters of input, but there's no limitation on what characters they can input. If we're saving to the database, there's no way we want to give the user unrestricted write access. When processing the form, we'll write code to check each field for its proper data type.The check step uses one or more computational rules (see section below) to determine if the data is valid.

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You can quickly validate the Multiple Textboxes question type to allow only numerical data (positive whole numbers), and to reveal the option to require a fixed sum.

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To validate is to ensure the data you've requested of the user. input type="text" id="my-zipcode".… continue reading »

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